A Continued Fight

A Continued Fight

27 years after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Today, our nation celebrates the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ADA and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 assure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities for access to businesses, employment, transportation, state and local government programs and telecommunications.

At the Independent Living Resource Center, services are available to all 209,475 people with a disability in northeast Florida.

Since our founding in 1978, our mission has been empowering children, adults and seniors to achieve their goals for independent living. As a community leader for disability rights, we constantly work to fight stigmas through education, break barriers through advocacy and expand opportunity through service provision.

Yesterday, we joined over 1,000 disability advocates from around the globe in a march to our nation's Capitol. We will continue our advocacy this week with over twenty appointments with Senators and Representatives; Your voice will be heard.

To celebrate this day, I ask you to consider your ability and how you can use it to empower others.


Tyler L. Morris
Executive Director
Independent Living Resource Center

Over 1,000 people join the disability rights march to the US Capitol, coordinated by the National Council for Independent Living.

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