Accessible Community Garden Coming Soon

Residents of the beautiful Riverside-Avondale historic district can expect to see a new addition to their community in the near feature. A community garden is set to begin later this year. The park will be located on the corner of Azalea Terrace and Park Street inside the Willowbranch Rose Garden.

Riverside Avondale Preservation is working with the AIA’s Emerging Design Professionals. AIA is a group of architects, engineers, and interior designers. This year during RAP’s annual Tour of Homes, community members were asked to vote on one of four competing garden designs.

Executive Director of the Riverside Avondale Preservation, Carmen Godwin said that there will be plenty of plots available for the community to use. “We are expecting about 40 something plots, once everything is done.” The garden will resemble the former Willowbranch Rose Garden Park by including wooden seating and growing rose bushes.

Godwin said that one of the goals for creating the garden was to get people in the surrounding area involved in the process of creating and maintaining the garden. “Building this garden will take a lot of work, so we are always open to help with a variety of tasks like building garden plots and managing the garden itself.”

There will be a $50 plot fee to maintain the garden year round, and a staff of volunteers from RAP will help manage the garden as well. Because the garden is community based residents will have the opportunity to suggest what the garden should include. “We’ve discussed a few ideas that include planting fruit trees around the garden.”

RAP is working to ensure that anyone who wants to garden can participate. As of now, there will be at least 4 accessible garden plots for individuals with disabilities. “Some of the plots will be elevated making it more convenient to garden,” said Godwin.

“One of RAP’s biggest goals is community, and that means access for everyone,” said Heather Bailey, Communications Manager for RAP.

*Photos Courtesy of: Riverside Avondale Preservation, Executive Director, Carmen Godwin

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