Adaptive Sports Builds Community In Jacksonville

Since its creation in 2007, The BROOKS Rehab and Adaptive Sports program has provided a welcoming community for individuals living with a disability to participate in a variety of sports and weekly activities.

There are 17 different sports a person can try year round. The program includes things like archery all the way to hand cycling. There are weekly and monthly activities for everyone. Weekly programs consist of a variety of sports, while the monthly special events include recreational sports such as surfing, water skiing, competitive tournaments, and educational lectures based on disability related topics.

All the programs are free for those who wish to participate.

Program Manager and Occupational Therapist, Alice Krauss said the program takes a holistic approach when it comes to serving its participants. “When we were looking at creating this program we wanted to make something that would serve as many people as possible,” said Krauss. “We wanted to provide people with meaningful activities. This program is more than just a sports program, the activities allow people to become part of a community.”

The program is based on 5 core principles that include:

1. Physical Fitness

2. Social

3. Emotional

4. Educational Knowledge

5. Spiritual

“The program was designed to give people an opportunity to get active, and make new friends,” said Krause. “Everyone involved is so nice, and we all just have a lot of fun.”

Krauss also said they are always looking for volunteers to help with the various events going on around the city. The program is partly possible because of the many community partnerships BROOKS has made over the years.

To keep up to date on all the exciting things happening with the Adaptive Sports Program check them out on Facebook here, or go to their website here.

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