Meet Angie Miller

“My parents told me that the work was mine,” said Angie Miller. “If you want the world to treat you differently they will.”

Thelma Brown
Meet Thelma Brown

Though Brown had Medicare, she didn’t have secondary insurance and the bills piled up. She didn’t have the funds for equipment she needed after surgery – a walker, bath chair, mobile chair and a ramp at her hour.

Meet Latrell Jackson

Latrell Jackson is a 16-year-old who attends school in Duval County and is part of the ILRC’s RAMP program, Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program, a career-focused program for youth with disabilities.

Meet Immanuel Santos

Though the doctor told his mother that he would never walk or talk, Immanuel Santos has defied all of that with a sunny disposition and rapid fire conversation.