Remembering Mr. Jones

Robert A. Jones was best known for his passion and commitment to helping the disability community. Jones was a long time friend of the agency and member of the ILRC Advisory Committee. Mr. Jones passed away this week. But, the impact he made in the disability world is sure to live on. Jones was an […]

Matt Motko, The Fearless Leader

Amongst the staff at the ILRC Matt Motko is infamous for a few things. He is known for  effectively leading people, and  getting things done. And according to staff member Ivy Summey, he’s “a fearless leader.” “The best way to describe Matt is bold. He works hard and always has the staff’s back.” But, Matt […]

Memorial Day: Veteran Success Story

Sergeant First Class, Adam Pugh is no stranger to hard work. At the  age of 21, Pugh made the admirable decision to enlist in the army. Before enlisting in the army, Pugh attended college and worked in oilfield construction. Pugh said the economy tanked shortly after he finished high school and the army was his […]

2014 Outstanding Student Awards

The coordinators wanted to honor the students and teachers for their work throughout the school year. “Our students and teachers put in so much work each year we decided it was time to recognize everyone for their dedication,” said High School High Tech Coordinator Brittany O’Grady. Over 100 students and teachers piled into the University […]

Beth Meyer appointed Chief of Disabled Services Division

Beth Meyer worked at the ILRC before becoming the new Chief of Disabled Services Division for the City of Jacksonville. She worked as the executive director for the Independent Living Foundation from 2004 to 2007. In 2007, Meyer joined the Independent Living Resource Center as a development director where she served until 2010. ILRC Executive Director […]

A Trip To The Alligator Farm

Jessica a sophomore, from St. Augustine High School, enjoyed her visit to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm so much that she’s even considering working there in the future. “I love animals, so I would definitely love to work here some day after high school,” said Jessica. During April, students from St. Augustine High School were […]

Highlights from the Mystery Trip Suitcase Party

hose who attended the Mystery Trip Suitcase Party on April 12th, were whisked away to a different time and place. Imagine a room filled with Mad Men era stewardesses serving cocktails, complete with real airplanes, in a large hangar. All guests were entered in a drawing to win a surprise dinner destination by airplane, boat, […]