Connecting With Loved Ones

As the holidays get closer, communicating with friends and family becomes increasingly important. Sometimes the easiest way to contact a loved one is via the phone, but this can difficult for individuals with a hearing impairment.

Fortunately, we have a service called the Florida Telecommunications Relay Inc. (FTRI) that offers free amplified telephones to those who qualify. There are a few different ways individuals can obtain a phone. You can always come into either one of our offices located at 2709 Art Museum Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32204, or you can stop by our office in Clay County located at 2219 County Road 220, Middleburg, Florida.

We also have a team of outreach specialists who go out into the community monthly to do presentations and equipment distributions.

To qualify for one of these free phones there are 3 simple requirements:

1. You must be a permanent Florida resident.

2. You must be at least 3 years of age.

3. You must be certified as having a hearing loss, or speech impairment.

Once these requirements have been met, a member of our team will work with you to ensure that you receive the telephone of your choosing. FTRI offers a variety of assistive technology to those who qualify.

If you would like an ILRC team member to give a presentation at your facility today, simply call us at 904.399.8484.

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