Consumer Meets Large Goal in the New Year
Consumer Moves In

Consumer Meets Large Goal in the New Year

The start of the new year has been a busy one for our staff and consumers. We work one on one with everyone to help them set and achieve personal goals.

Not long ago, Cliff Pender came to our organization seeking information and referral services. Mr. Pender had several goals he wanted to meet, and finding affordable housing was just one of them. Our information and referral coordinator, Tracie Inman worked with Mr. Pender to help him accomplish his goals.

After a few weeks of searching Mr. Pender located a new apartment that suited all of his needs. Once, Mr. Pender located his home, Tracie and staff members went to work recruiting and organizing volunteers to help Mr. Pender make the move to his new apartment.

“I am excited that he has utilized the information provided to him and found a wonderful new apartment home.

It is a joy to work with Mr. Pender. He is a wonderful example of an individual with a disability living an independent and self-empowered life,” said Information and Referral Services Coordinator, Tracie Inman. Tracie worked with Cliff from the beginning, and also assisted with organizing the volunteers.

The day of the move a few of our dedicated volunteers showed up to help Cliff move. Carol Christopherson and her friends helped to make Cliff’s goal of moving from his old apartment to his new apartment become a reality.

“We could not have done the move without them. We truly appreciate all that they do.  I am so thankful that Carol and her friends were able to assist Mr. Pender,” said Tracie.

With the help of the volunteers the move only took a few hours. Cliff was not only able to reach accomplish a large personal goal of his, but his life was touched in the process.

“I had five different volunteers show up that day to help me move,” said Cliff Pender. “I can’t tell you how special that made me feel, we were all able to work together really well.”

We are always looking for new volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering, click here to register for our volunteer orientation, and Disability Sensitivity Training.

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