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Sherry Bell, Pitney Bowes employee

Image Description: A woman smiles as she is sorting mail at Pitney Bowes. There are many trays along a conveyor belt, in font of her. She is reaching into one.

Woman in wheelchair smiling

Image Description: A woman stops to smile in Hemming Park downtown. She is driving her mobility device. In the background there are yellow chairs and green tables.


Image Description: A young boy plays with a toy in Heming Park. He has a blue pool noodle in one hand and his cane in the other. In the background there is a sign that reads "kids zone".


Image Description: A young man looks down at the keys as he plays a piano. He is wearing a short sleeve plaid shirt. Light from a window in front of him illuminates his face.


Image Description: A group of around 40 people pose together for a group picture. You can see many types of abilities. A few people in the back celebrate by raising their arms. Some are making silly faces for the picture.

Volunteer 2

Image Description: In the foreground two young women are working with a service dog at the Abilities in Art Program. The dog's paw is painted and being added to the mural. There are wheelchair marks in different colors across the canvas. In the background, a young lady smiles as she watches.