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Support Independence

Today is #GivingTuesday and CIL Jacksonville is raising money to repair and purchase equipment for our Temporary Loan Closet.

The Temporary Loan Closet is a critical program at CIL Jacksonville. This program loans durable medical equipment to allow for faster discharge from hospitals, improve independence, and remove financial and insurance barriers. This program supports hundreds of people every year. During the pandemic, CIL Jacksonville has been able to expand the program by offering contactless deliveries and pickups with our ADA accessible vehicle, donated by our friends at Farah & Farah.

I hope that you will join us in keeping people with disabilities independent, working, and well, with a donation meaningful to you. Donations made today will be counted towards our fundraising goal of $5,000. Any amount has an impact.

Click here to make a donation.

Thank you,

Tyler Morris, MBA
Executive Director
CIL Jacksonville

To learn more about the Brooks Temporary Loan Closet, click here.


A Mother's Thank You


I am still sitting in the parking lot in quite a bit of awe at what just happened. We have a wheelchair/stroller like this one that Daniel got in 2002. Since then I’ve tried to replace it, but always end up with a model that has big ass heavy wheels. My back can’t do it anymore.

We saw the wheelchair clinic folks two weeks ago, and he’s not eligible for a replacement for another year, and there’s no guarantee they can get the model we want.

During that appointment I got hooked up with this organization, and came by to tell them what I’m looking for. Yesterday they called to say they have the exact model I want! There’s no charge! It’s in perfect condition.

All I can say is Daniel Murray has some miracle working angels, and I need to call on them more often. The director said in all the years she’s been here they have never had a wheelchair stroller like this come through. Wow! Blown. Away.

Thank you God, and whoever else conspired to make this happen! - Carolyn Murray

CIL Jacksonville