Jose Morales: Employee of Excellence


Jose Morales wins Employee of Excellence Award

The ILRC’s Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes the accomplishments of employees that perform exemplary service. Nominees are selected each quarter by employee vote and meeting the qualifications listed. For this quarter, the ILRC has chosen Jose Morales for his exemplary service.

From the ILRC team:

Jose is always there to help every employee and clients. He always has a positive attitude and is always thinking of innovative ways to make positive changes.”-D.F.

He is that good!”-A.L.

“He is consumer driven. He goes above and beyond to make sure our clients have, food, housing, and the basic necessities to live. He has brought in another group of people to our agency, Spanish speaking people. He makes our agency look good in the eyes of the community because he is on various of boards. He is a problem solver; he helps each department with a smile. He is consistent, dependable, and a true advocate for our agency's mission statement.”-T.J.

“Jose goes over and beyond to try and meet the needs of his consumers. Jose does not complain; he's just does it. I have witnessed Jose ending his lunch or postponing his lunch to a later time before to accommodate consumers. These are just a few examples but there are way more that could be listed in regards to Jose excelling in service at the ILRC .”- C.B.

Jose Morales

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION] Jose Morales standing in front of Senate door in Tallahassee, Florida.

Jose Morales went to high school at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. He also volunteered as a tutor for English as a Second Language students. In 2008, Jose joined a junior USA Goalball team. Goalball is an adaptive sport for the blind and visually impaired. He is currently coaching youth in Jacksonville and is nationally recognized in the sport.

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[Image Description] Jose Morales standing in front of a wall of pictures at the National Council for Independent Living office in Washington, D.C.

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