Local Business Builds Unique Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle

Twenty-three years ago, Mike Durham was leaving work late one evening. He passed a restaurant where, unbeknownst to him, a robbery was taking place. Startled by his approach, the criminals shot Mike. The gunshot wounds left his legs permanently paralyzed, a lifelong price to pay for being an innocent bystander.

Mike had always had a passion for motorcycles. He had used them as his preferred mode of transportation throughout his entire life until his injury, which tragically prevented him from riding. However, this failed to dampen his love for motorcycles, and his ambition to ride once more led him to seek the help of Chopper City USA.

Chopper City USA has been specializing in “one-of-a-kind” custom motorcycles for 18 years, so when Mike approached them, they stepped up to the plate and took on the task of converting a 1982 Honda motorcycle into a wheelchair-accessible powerhouse. The project was not without its obstacles, as the original vehicle was 33 years old. However, after two years of hard work and dedication, the project was completed in April of 2015.

Mike is able to mount the motorcycle from his wheelchair with a lever-operated ramp. This way, he can enter and ride without having to leave his wheelchair. A secure locking mechanism ensures a stable driving platform, and all of the controls are hand-operated.

Thanks to the help of Chopper City USA, Mike has been reunited with his passion for motorcycles. Despite having lost the use of his legs, he remained motivated to continue doing what he loved and is now able to ride once more.

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