Matt Motko, The Fearless Leader

Amongst the staff at the ILRC Matt Motko is infamous for a few things.

He is known for  effectively leading people, and  getting things done. And according to staff member Ivy Summey, he’s “a fearless leader.” “The best way to describe Matt is bold. He works hard and always has the staff’s back.”

But, Matt is much more than an executive director. He is a husband and father to a boy and a girl. In light of Father’s Day we interviewed Matt about some of the things he loves most about being a dad.

Christina Graw: We know you have a boy and girl. What are their names?

Matt Motko: Jayla, and Jayden. Jayla is my oldest.

CG: What’s your favorite thing about being a father?:

MM:I love watching my kids grow and experience new things. I am very active in their lives, from school, to work, to sports and everything in between.

CG: What’s the hardest thing about being a father?

MM: The hardest part is telling the kids no. I want to give them everything they want, but realize that boundaries must be set and things must be earned.

CG: Have you told Jayla or Jayden no recently?

MM: Not exactly. Jayla asked for contacts and we told her that if she gets straight A’s all year she can get them. She did it, so she will be getting contacts this summer.

CG: What has surprised you the most about being a father?

MM: I’m surprised at how fun it is! Before we had our children I was on the fence as to whether I even wanted any.

CG: What’s one word you would use to describe the type of father you are?

MM: I need two-tough and fun.

CG: I think those are two good words to also describe the type of director you are at the ILRC. What’s the best part about being the Director here?
MM: I would have to say watching staff grow and develop is pretty great. But, I also enjoy being in a position that allows me to help so many people.
Happy Father’s Day!

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