Meet Latrell Jackson

Meet Latrell Jackson

and how education empowers his independence

Latrell Jackson is a 16-year-old who attends school in Duval County and is part of the ILRC’s RAMP program, Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program, a career-focused program for youth with disabilities. Latrell has autism a disability which limits his speech.

As part of RAMP, Latrell is paired with a mentor for weekly meetings where there is individualized mentoring and goal-setting.  This summer through the ILRC, Latrell will attend a vocational rehab camp at the University of North Florida. The day program helps teens like Latrell plan for future employment.

For Latrell future employment might involve music. He plays the piano and the drums and takes music lessons.

The Ready Adult Mentoring Program is a career-focused mentoring program for youth with disabilities.


Education Empowers Independence

96% of students involved in the Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program stay in school. 69% have better attendance in school and 93% stay out of the juvenile justice system.


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