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Mentor Agreement

Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

Mentor Agreement

Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

As a participant in the ILRC Mentoring Program, I agree to work together to uphold the spirit and intent of the mentoring relationship and agree to:

  • Accept assignments with an open mind and a willingness to learn;
  • Participate in one hour sessions with their mentees that total to four or more sessions per month over the course of the relationship, or at a minimum frequency and amount of hours that are required by the mentoring program;
  • Keep personal matters confidential;
  • Meet on face to face with mentee at least once every month to attend in-service training and group sessions, and advise the program coordinator of when we are unable to attend;
  • Complete monthly activity reports;
  • Contact the coordinator monthly to discuss mentor-mentee activities and obtain feedback and suggestions for maintain the mentor-mentee relationship;
  • Contact the program coordinator as soon as possible to discuss any problems or concerns that could impact the mentor relationship;
  • Ask about things I do not understand;
  • Make a legitimate offer to be on time for appointments related to the mentor-mentee match and call when appointments may need to be broken; and
  • A no-fault conclusion of the mentoring relationship.

I also agree to:

  • A one year (calendar or school) minimum commitment for the mentoring relationship, or a minimum time commitment that is required by the mentoring program;
  • Attend the minimum required number of training sessions;
  • Be on time for scheduled meetings;
  • Engage in the relationship with an open mind;
  • Accept assistance from my mentee's teacher and/or school support staff;
  • Keep discussions with my mentee confidential, unless the child's safety or well-being is at risk or I suspect child abuse;
  • Ask program support staff or my business liaison when I need assistance, do not understand something or am having difficulty with my mentoring relationship;
  • Notify the program coordinator of any significant change in my mentee; and
  • Refrain from contacting or seeing my mentee outside of the established parameters and supervised sites where the program takes place.

Finally, if accepted as a mentor, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the ILRC Mentoring Program (the Program), which I acknowledge have been communicated to me, which I understand, and which may be revised without notice to me from time to time. I also agree to abide by all applicable laws. I understand that my participation in the Program is completely voluntary.

Due to the time commitment involved with my participation in the Program, I understand that, if applicable and relevant, my direct supervisor at my company must approve my candidacy for participation in the Program before I submit my application to the staff for consideration.

I hereby certify that I have not been convicted, within the past 10 years, of any felony or misdemeanor classified as an offense against a person or family, or public indecency, or a violation involving a state or federally controlled substance. I am not under current indictment.

Further, I hereby fully release, discharge, and hold harmless the Program, participating organizations (including without limitation) the ILRC and all of the foregoing's employees, officers, directors, and coordinators from any and all liability, claims, cuases of action, costs and expenses arising from, relating to, or which may be, or may at any time hereafter become, attributable to my participation in the Program.

I understand that Program staff reserves the right to terminate any mentor from the Program at any time for any reason. The Program takes place solely within the scheduled sessions, exclusively at the Program location, and I agree to limit my actions to the activities permitted within the confines of the program's policies. I understand that any relationships or contact established between mentor/mentee and family members beyond the organized and supervised activities of the Program are neither encouraged nor condoned. I give permission for program staff to conduct a criminal background check and verify any and all information provided by me on this Program application, as part of the screening for entrance into the Program, including without limitation verification of personal and employment references as well as a criminal check with the local authorities. Program staff has final right of acceptance of applicant into the program at their sole discretion.