New Wheelchair Provides Independence for Local Student
student independence

It’s hard to find Chris Blackburn our BROOKS Temporary Loan Closet Coordinator without a smile on his face. “My job involves a lot of hard work, but I get to make a difference in the lives of people in the Jacksonville community every day,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn manages our Brooks Temporary Loan Closet (TLC); the ILRC and Brooks Rehabilitation have a partnership that offers individuals the ability to receive Durable Medical Equipment at no cost. The Brooks Temporary Loan Closet (TLC) has a selection of durable medical equipment available to be loaned out on a temporary basis.

Blackburn said one of the best parts of his job is meeting the clients he serves. “We serve a lot of great people in the community, and most recently I had the opportunity to met a pretty awesome young man named Willie Brunson.”

Willie Brunson is a 15 year old  special needs student at Alden Road Exceptional Student Center. He and his mother Joyce came to the ILRC looking for a wheelchair. “I work in the medical field and a friend of mine referred me to your organization,” said Joyce.

Willie received two wheelchairs from TLC-an electric powered chair, and a manual wheelchair.

“We didn’t have the extra money for a wheelchair for Willie, so when we learned about the free wheel chair we were really excited.”

Joyce said that Willie had walkers, but never a wheelchair. The wheelchair has given Willie the opportunity to move about more freely in his every day life. “This chair helped Willie be more independent, he couldn’t go to school because he didn’t have a chair, but now he is back in school and into a regular routine again.”

Joyce also said the wheelchair was a great addition to Willie’s life because he is a very active young man. “Willie loves to be outside, and he’s constantly wanting to play basketball, or throw a football.”

On November 22nd, we will be hosting a free community art project, wheelchair repair clinic and durable medical equipment drive. To find out more click here.   If you are interested in volunteering for this event, call Christina Graw at 904.399.8484.

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