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Left to Right: Nathan Polete (PB), Teri Davis (PB), April Baker (ILRC), and Tyler Morris (ILRC) at 2018 Ability Awards.
Left to Right: Nathan Polete (PB), Teri Davis (PB), April Baker (ILRC), and Tyler Morris (ILRC) at 2018 Ability Awards.

Jacksonville Business Named 2018 Employer of the Year

Pitney Bowes recognized for inclusive hiring strategy and business practice

JACKSONVILLE, FL, September 24 - The Able Trust on Friday launched Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) activities in Orlando and announced the recipients of its 2018 Ability Awards. The Ability Awards honor select individuals from throughout the state for their contributions to the mission of The Able Trust.

Jacksonville’s Pitney Bowes was among the recipients, receiving 2018 Employer of the Year.

Pitney Bowes pre-sorting facility in Jacksonville, Florida, sorts mail to the finest possible sort, then inducts it into the USPS network closer to its final destination. Locally, Pitney Bowes has 120 employees. The business has employed 22 individuals with disabilities through the Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC), 21 are full-time employees. In partnership with the ILRC, Pitney Bowes has expanded their inclusive hiring strategies, opening the pilot project to their markets in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Dallas.

“Pitney Bowes has gone further than providing employment opportunity,” said Tyler Morris, Executive Director at the Independent Living Resource Center. “The company, leadership team, and staff have committed to a culture of excellence that includes and elevates persons with disabilities. The effort and commitment that Pitney has demonstrated is a standard to be modeled by all businesses, nationwide.”

“The Able Trust is honored to have worked with these individuals and organizations on the mission of employment for people with disabilities,” said Dr. Susanne Homant, president and CEO of The Able Trust. “Along with our Board and staff, they work very hard to make sure that a job, and for many a career, are viable options for Floridians with disabilities. We are proud to call them partners in this mission.”

Left to Right: Nathan Polete (PB), Teri Davis (PB), April Baker (ILRC), and Tyler Morris (ILRC) at 2018 Ability Awards.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Nathan Polete and Teri Davis from Pitney Bowes with April Baker and Tyler Morris from the ILRC stand in front of a blue curtain holding the 2018 Employer of the Year Award.

About the Independent Living Resource Center

The Independent Living Resource Center is Jacksonville’s Center for Independent Living which has served the Northeast Florida disability community since 1978. The ILRC empowers all individuals with a disability to live independent, self-empowered lives. The Careers 360 Program provides readiness, placement, and retention services to job seekers with disabilities and businesses. To learn more about the Independent Living Resource Center, please visit

About The Able Trust

The Able Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1990 by the Florida Legislature, and is funded through a combination of public and private dollars. Its mission is to be a key leader in providing Floridians with disabilities opportunities for successful employment. The Able Trust supports numerous diverse projects, including the HSHT program, youth leadership training, work experience training and technical assistance, transportation assistance, career development training, employment and career path direction and assistance to businesses as they seek the employment of people with disabilities. Since its beginnings, The Able Trust has worked with community organizations in every county in Florida to put thousands of people with disabilities to work. To learn more about The Able Trust, please visit and follow @AbleTrust.

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For The Able Trust's list of award recipients and full press release, click here.



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