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CIL Jacksonville is a Center for Independent Living. Since 1978, CIL Jacksonville has empowered people with disabilities to live independent, self-empowered lives. Each person who walks into our office, receives the services they need to set and achieve their goals for independence. We believe in a life of self-determination, self-empowerment and equal access.


empowerment through access

Unnecessary barriers prevent the equal access to daily living for people with disabilities. We advocate for the right to equally access school, work and recreational activities.


empowerment through education

34% of people with disabilities have only a high school diploma. We empower our next generation through career focused mentoring, enrichment activities and independent living skills trainings.


empowerment through employment

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice that of their non-disabled peers. We empower employment through readiness, placement and retention services for both job seeker and employer.

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CIL Jacksonville is a nonprofit agency run by and for people with disabilities. CIL provides fair and reasonable accommodations, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.