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Employees and Job Seekers

Finding a job can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting your career or have been out of work for a while. However, there are helpful programs at the ILRC that offer people with disabilities job training opportunities and help finding employment.

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Get Ready


Are you ready to work? The ILRC has programs, classes and workshops to help you stand above the rest.


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Find a Career


Are you searching for the career of your dreams? The ILRC has a network of businesses looking for candidates like you!


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Strengthen your Skills

On the Job

Need help on the job? We have experience working with employees and employers for workplace accommodation requests and best practices.


Careers 360: Opportunities in Every Direction

We offer a range of courses to help promote employment for our consumers and our community. All our Services are available for both adults and youth with disabilities.

About Careers 360

The Career Development Program prepares you to achieve and maintain the career of you want by providing employability services such as employer networking, job referral, employment support and job retention to individuals with disabilities. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Services through Careers 360


EMPLOYMENT READINESS COURSE: These classes are developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Throughout the duration of this course, participants will receive information and training to obtain necessary skills to compete more effectively in the job market. There is no cost for this self-empowering course.

Session 1: Resume Writing & Development, Local Labor Market-Employment Info/Local Industries
Session 2: Search and Apply for Jobs Online, Finding and Completing Job Applications
Session 3: Navigating the Community, Finding and Completing Job Applications
Session 4: Personal Interactions & Handling Conflicts, Navigating Public Transportation, Entrepreneurial Skills Training
Session 5: Payroll Deductions, Insurance Benefits, Safety, Inc., Financial Literacy, Contact Employment Services

COMPUTER TRAINING: Consumers gain hands-on basic computer skills training using Windows XP Professional. In addition, a beginner course in Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher are also offered. During the course, each participant learns how to create an e-mail, produce a business letter and/or resume, develop an Excel spreadsheet, create a slideshow presentation and design an informational flyer. back to top

JOB SEARCH ASSISTANCE:  We will work with you to teach you how to conduct a job search on-line, as well as how to fill out applications on-line. Most employers now require you to fill out applications on-line. We also have Job Boards that are updated weekly, faxed or emailed to us from local businesses, these items may be reviewed on our Job Boards posted on in our Employment Center, Monday through Friday 8:oo am- 5:00 pm.  We also now have a Job Portal on our website with log in instructions for all our consumers, where you can review job openings any time of day. back to top

JOB PLACEMENT: The Career Development department assists consumers each day by matching workers to open jobs in the local job community. The ILRC collaborates with many businesses to help ensure participants obtain a quality career in the field of their choice. back to top

MONEY SMART FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: This portion of Career Development at the ILRC offers financial education where participants build their knowledge, security and financial confidence with subjects such as:
• Balancing a checkbook
• Making a deposit
• Education on banking services
• Ways to save
• Things to know before you borrow.

MOCK INTERVIEW TRAINING: Interviews are the most important stage of employment process, feeling good about yourself, confident, practicing questions and answers, etiquette, what to wear, eye contact, controlling the nerves, all will be a part of this exercise. Your interview will be videotaped for you to watch, so you can see what the employer sees. back to top

RESUME ASSISTANCE: Resumes are an important part of developing your first impression with potential employers. Our Resume Assistance program offers free help with creating a resume that will make your first impression a lasting one. back to top

EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE CENTER: Every Thursday from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, temporary employment agencies will be at the ILRC offering jobs. Be prepared to fill out applications. You may wish to call to confirm who will be coming on the day of your choice.  Come prepared for an interview. back to top

JOB BOARD: Job postings from throughout northeast Florida in a wide range of fields. (updated weekly) back to top

EMPLOYMENT ADVOCACY: Find yourself in need of a specific job accommodation? Having trouble on the job because you do not have the tools necessary to complete your job in a timely manner? The Career Development office will help you advocate for yourself to receive the necessary accommodations and/or tools so that you can complete your daily tasks efficiently and effectively. We do not advocate for you, rather we teach you how to advocate for yourself and maintain your independence. back to top

ON THE JOB TRAINING PROGRAM:  The ILRC offers adults and youth the opportunity to work at the ILRC in many areas, as well as with some of our Community Partners. This hands on learning experience will offer those who may have never worked before, the opportunity to work with others as a team to complete tasks, as well as how to work with others in a real work setting. back to top

The ILRC offers ON THE JOB Training Programs at our Employment Center for Adults and Youth with Disabilities:
Front Desk Operations
Computer Training
Phone Etiquette
Record retention, and Filing
Wheel- Chair Repair and Preparation for Certification
Brooks Temporary Loan Closet Operations
Interpreter Training for CEU’s
Interpreter Services Management
Sign Language Trainings
Special Event Management
Marketing and Outreach Training
Employment Services Training
Non-Profit Operations
Job Shadowing
Mentoring Opportunities
Working with Consumers
Independent Living Skills Training
Home Repair, Painting and Yard Maintenance
Building Maintenance

Match Up for Seniors

Are you over 60 years of age, with a disability, looking for a job to supplement your income while helping someone else?  If so, this program is for you.  We receive requests from the community, searching for someone who is trustworthy to come into their homes, to feed & care for their pets, provide companionship and cook a light meal for their love one who is ailing, or simply check on their property, collect mail while they are out of town.

If you are interested, we will put you directly with the employer or we can make arrangements for you to meet the employer here at the ILRC. We will also work with you to create a resume, and help you prepare for the interview. We are the match maker, but you will work directly with the employer to work out pay, hours, and duties.

For further information, call:  Lela Jordan, Executive Director 399-8484

Employment for Deaf

Individuals who are Deaf are able to work.

Our general employment services are available to the Deaf Community including interpreting services at interviews. Our Deaf Consumer Program assists individuals who are deaf, latent deaf, and/or hard of hearing to maintain their rights to equal access and equal opportunity in employment, education, communication, recreation, community services and making choices in daily living activities.

Our programs provides:
Staff fluent in American Sign Language and English for effective communication
Staff and volunteers who are able to contact businesses to discuss the benefits of hiring a person who is deaf
Business education on benefits of working with the Deaf
Self-advocacy skills training including tools to assist employee in educating employer and health care providers about ADA law
FREE use of Sorenson Video Relay and TTYs during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm)
FREE document translation assistance
Information and Referral to other organizations, as well as Deaf Community events

Disabled Victim Advocate Division assists disabled individuals who are victims of crime(violent and non-violent)by providing advocacy and support services, such as, assisting with navigation through the court system and or legal processes, crisis stabilization, including giving priority with assistance finding employment

Youth Service Employment Services Program

The Youth Services Program at the ILRC of Northeast Florida serves youth from 14 to age 22, hosting education and informational workshops for youth and their families in topics including:

• Self-Esteem
• Social Skills
• Employability
• IDEA Laws
• Understanding your IEP

1. Assist youth with disabilities in achieving independence as they transition from High School into a post-secondary education and/or career.
2. Help youth gain marketable skills to assist them in finding employment.
3. Provide employment readiness workshops, throughout the year
4. Create job shadowing opportunities with businesses across fields
5. Provide job placement services through our Employment Readiness Division


Are you receiving cash benefits (SSDI or SSI) from Social Security and interested in working? Do you wonder what will happen to your cash benefits if you start working? Do you ask yourself how working may affect your Medicare or Medicaid benefits? How much can I make and still receive my check?

The WIPA program at the ILRC can help you find the answers to your questions. Our certified benefits counselors can help you understand how your benefits will be affected based on the monthly earnings you receive or plan to receive. They can also help you know how you can work and what you can expect regarding your Social Security benefits.

Work Incentives counselors can also provide you with an individualized plan to help you make informed choices about employment and answer any questions you may have about SSA policies. Click here to read more.

Aaron Lewis
Program Coordinator
(904) 399-8484 Ext. 310
April Baker
Program Director
(904) 399-8484 Ext. 319
Angie McKinley
Deaf Services Coordinator
(904)399-8484 ext. 321
Julie Gilson
Youth Services Coordinator
(904) 399-8484 ext. 313