RAMP Student Meets Personal Goal

All students that participate in our Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP) set personal goals. Our RAMP Coordinator, Julie Gilson works with students to help them accomplish the goals they set.

RAMP is a career focused mentoring program that uses a combination of group, peer, and individualized mentoring to promote the successful transition of all youth, including those with disabilities, to employment, continued learning opportunities, and independent living. Youth have the opportunity to assess and explore their own career interests; develop a plan and set goals for their transition; gain workplace soft skills; build resume-writing and interviewing skills; interact with employers and experience a variety of work settings.

Not too long ago, one of Julie’s students was able to achieve one of the goals she set earlier in the year. Jennah, a bright 11th grader from First Coast High School recently moved with her family from New York to Florida. The first goal Jennah set was obtaining her very own bed.

Julie became aware of this goal, and started to help Jennah achieve it. After talking to some of her friends, Julie found out that someone had a bed frame and mattress they no longer needed. Julie, Jennah and a few other volunteers worked together on a Saturday to deliver the bed to Jennah’s home.

“I’m glad I was able to help Jennah achieve one of her long term goals,” said Julie. “We also had a few other people donate money so she could buy sheets as well.”

Jennah said the best part about having her own bed is that she no longer has to sleep on the floor. “I love my new bed, it’s also great because now I can sit on my bed to hangout or do homework.” Jennah also said that having a bed has improved the look of her bedroom. “My room is really coming together now, and I’m happy about that. I just need to add a dresser and a chair.”

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