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Provides assistance in preparing for, finding, and keeping a job. Click here to learn more.

Provides case management services to the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing. Click here to learn more.

Provides case management services to victims of crime. Click here to contact us.

Provides youth with high-tech, career-focused mentoring. Click here to learn more.

Provides certified sign language interpreters for effective communication. Click here to learn more.

Provides short and long-term loans of medical equipment. Click here to learn more.

Educates SSI/SSDI beneficiaries on how work could impact their benefits. Click here to learn more.

Benefits Counseling
Youth Mentoring
Deaf Empowerment
Medical Equipment
Community Engagement
Sign Language Interpreting
Victims Advocacy
Career Camps
Technology Loans


flowing through all CIL programs are five core services

Protects and advances civil rights through self and systems advocacy.

Educates individuals on vital topics that build self-sufficiency.

Connects people to critical resources and support services.

Creates bridges between individuals to share lived experiences and support networks.

Assists youth moving into adult life and all individuals moving from or avoiding institutional settings.

Our Mission

to empower all people with a disability to live independent, self-empowered lives

Our Vision

full opportunity for all through self-empowerment, self-determination and equal access

CIL Jacksonville

Empowering People with Disabilities since 1978

CIL Jacksonville is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that helps people with disabilities gain and maintain independence. CIL is consumer-driven, community-based, and non-residential. CIL stands as Northeast Florida’s leading cross-disability-based organization, providing personalized services to people with any disability, at any age. CIL was founded on the belief that all people with a disability have the right to set their own goals and direct how those goals are achieved.

Since 1978, CIL offers an array of specialized programs and services which improve the quality of life for its consumers.  Connecting all CIL programs are five core services of advocacy, information and referral, independent living skills training, peer support, and transition.

CIL Jacksonville is run by and for people with disabilities. Over 51% of the board and staff have a disability. The entire CIL team offers irreplaceable life experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. As a consumer-driven organization, consumers are at the top of the CIL organizational structure.

An old photo of people using wheelchairs who are advocating for their rights. A sign is attached to the back of a wheelchair that reads "We Shall Overcome".

What is a Center for Independent Living?

The term “center for independent living” means a consumer‑controlled, community‑based, cross‑disability, nonresidential private nonprofit agency that is designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities and provides an array of independent living services.


Toccara James : Employee of Excellence

The ILRC’s Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes the accomplishments of employees that perform exemplary service. Nominees are selected each quarter by employee vote and meeting the qualifications listed. For this quarter, the ILRC has chosen Toccara James for her exemplary service.