Community Action Needed: Update!

Don’t Let Congress Chip Away at the ADA and our Civil Rights!

UPDATE: February 13, 2018

HR 620 is expected to come to a vote on the House floor this Thursday (2/15)! We need all hands on deck to educate Members of Congress on why this bill will harm people with disabilities. If you haven’t called, tweeted, or emailed your Representative yet, please take a few minutes to do so NOW! If you have already reached out, thank you – please reach out again.

Join us by participating in the following days of action:

Tuesday, February 13

  • Social media opposition to HR 620 – #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA
  • Continue calling and emailing Members to urge them to vote no

Wednesday, February 14

  • Call your Representatives
  • Tweet your Representatives
  • Attend rallies and protests (if you are in the DC area)

Thursday, February 15 (HR 620 scheduled for a vote)

  • Call your Representatives
  • Tweet your Representatives

Messages and counter messages:

  • H.R. 620 removes the civil rights of all citizens with disabilities; it causes people with disabilities to wait for their right to access and services that all citizens have access to immediately. H.R. 620 asks people with disabilities to wait months, and in some cases, years, to be able to enter a restaurant, hotel, store, or theater. This would never be asked of any other group.
  • If businesses are concerned about bad actor lawyers, then stop the bad behavior of the lawyers; don’t eliminate the rights of 57 million Americans because there are a handful of despicable attorneys.
  • Amendments to HR 620 will not fix the problems with this bill, it must be stopped outright to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities.
  • If the civil rights of 57 million Americans can be eliminated, then the civil rights of other groups can as well.
  • Vote NO on H.R. 620.

Take Action

All Members of the House of Representatives need to hear from the disability community. Make them aware of this ill-advised and damaging bill.

Meet with your Representatives

You can arrange a meeting in Washington, DC or in your home state, depending on when Congress is in session. Contacting Congress allows you to request a meeting with your Member of Congress. You can also check the Town Hall Project for congressional events in your area.

Call your Representatives

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 224-3091 (TTY) and ask to be connected to your Representative.

Email your Representatives

Contacting Congress provides unique links to email your Representative directly.

Tweet your Representatives

Twitter has become a powerful tool to communicate with elected officials directly. Find your Representative on Twitter and tell them to oppose this bill. Use the hashtags #StopHR620 and#HandsOffMyADA. Some sample tweets are included below:

  • Tell Congress to stop chipping away at the #ADA – Vote “NO” on #HR620. #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA
  • #HR620 would force people w/ disabilities to wait 180 days to enforce their civil rights – Vote “NO” on H.R. 620. #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA
  • Businesses have had nearly 3 decades to comply with the #ADA – no more excuses! Vote “NO” on #HR620. #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA
  • #HR620 won’t stop “drive-by” #ADA lawsuits, but it will strip civil rights from people with disabilities. #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA
  • [insert Representative handle] protect the #ADA and the rights of people with disabilities – Vote “NO” on #HR620! #StopHR620 #HandsOffMyADA

CCD HR 620 Toolkit

In addition to the resources listed in the full alert below, you can utilize this HR 620 Toolkit developed by the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD). In this Toolkit, you will find:

  • Sample email/letter template
  • Sample call script
  • Sample social media posts

Full HR 620 Alert from AAPD

Thank you for your efforts to PROTECT the ADA and the RIGHTS of people with disabilities!

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