New Beginnings: Grand Opening of New Office in Clay County

Over 50 people from the ILRC staff and surrounding community gathered together last week to cut the ribbon on our newest office in Clay County.

During the grand opening staff shared information about our services, recent projects and upcoming events with visitors.

“The grand opening is a great opportunity for the ILRC staff and community to connect.” said Executive Director Matt Motko. “The work we do at the IRLC empowers people with disabilities to live independently.”

The office is located at 2209 County Road 220, Suite 318 in the city of Middleburg. Motko said that placing the second office in Clay County enabled us to reach a wider demographic of people. “With the addition of this new office, we are now able to serve more people.”

Clay County Office Manager, Samantha Bane worked diligently in the Clay County to promote the new office and grand opening. “This is an exciting time for the ILRC,” said Bane. “We have a lot going on and it’s great to be a part of another community.”

The new office is a result of hard work and determination from the ILRC staff. The office will provide all of the same services offered at our Jacksonville location.

Director of Programs, Margarita Purvis said she is proud of the ILRC team for coming together to make this second office a reality. “The new office is a wonderful addition to all the great work the ILRC already does, it would not have been possible without our awesome staff.”

Members from the Clay County Chamber of Commerce attended the event, and said they were impressed with the turn out. Ernest Cohen, an ambassador for the Clay County Chamber said that he attends events in the area like this one on a regular basis. But, he added that our grand opening had more people than any other event he has seen in awhile. “The large amount of people that showed up is due to all of the important work all of you at the ILRC do each and every day, along with your commitment to the community.”

Cohen said he throughly enjoyed the event, and welcomed the ILRC to Clay County.

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