15 Tips to Keep You Safe in An Emergency

Two weeks ago,  we held our annual Emergency Preparedness Conference in the Jacksonville Public Library. Each year we bring in the best local speakers to teach the disability community how to properly prepare for any type of emergency situation.

This year our speakers included:

Kevin Duane, CVS Caremark (Medical Considerations)
Kathy Barnett, Florida Department of Health-DCHD  (Shelter in Place vs. Evacuate)
Chad Angell, American Red Cross CPR guy (CPR Awareness)
Aruna Motko, Regions Bank, (Financial Preparedness)

Each session lasted 45 minutes, and was packed with useful information. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the conference, I’ve gathered up a list of the most important takeaways.

1. Always keep an up to date list of all your medications
2. If medicine looks, smells, or feel different, throw it out and get it replaced.
3. Insulins can be stored at room temp for 28 days.
4. The Emergency Refill Law allows you to get a 30 day supply of meds when an emergency is declared.
5. Always have cash on hand and keep valuables close to your person.
6. Make an evacuation kit BEFORE the storm.
7. Ready.gov is a great resource for emergency planning.
8. Make sure you have a copy of all your prescriptions. Keep all original prescription bottles.
9. Always have a week’s worth of medication on hand in case of any emergency.
10. If you plan to evacuate your home, turn off your electricity, water, and gas.
11. ™Know where your electrical box is located.
12. ™Know where your water shut off faucet is located.
13.™Know where your gas shut off switch is located.
14.™Get contact information for an Electrician in case they are needed after the storm
™15. Review the Hurricane information at www.JEA.com/hurricane

We would like to give a special thank you to our speakers, and sponsors which included: The Independent Living Foundation, The City of Jacksonville, CSX, and the American Red Cross. We would also like to give a shout out to St. John & Partners for sending us volunteers. The help was greatly appreciated.

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